Evening stroll

Eiffel Sunset 2.JPG
Copyright: JP Frost (https://jeremypfrost.wordpress.com/)

I am coming to appreciate the beauty in urban landscapes.  The same sun sets on both my beloved forests and the straighter lines of human invention.  If we stop even for a moment, we might behold it.  The truth is, those who have eyes to see, will see.


With interest

i gave it to you last time we met
deeper than the pocket you
reached into
i want it back with interest in
your absence
sans trimmings or trappings
no hesitant wrappings
all returned at once because
it’s owed to me like
your perfectly damaged soul
lips so cold
i catch my breath leaving
like you

Dinner Date

“I’m prone to melancholy” you said
fingers through your hair
sigh bubblegum coloured lips
“depression, you know?”
and you looked at me
spirit eyes dancing
i know what that look means,
i thought
“I like my life, don’t get me wrong” you said
fingers stretch toward me on your lap
everything suddenly pink and red
husband bobblehead nodding by your side
“life is great” he said
eyes twinkling from too much booze

A café

The sunset’s never so pink
Nor yonder clouds so heavy
This hill ringed by ‘lectric light
And vapours rising
And I at my window
Fingers resting on some paper
What odd solitude
In the café on the hill

What place is this
Who are these people
Their voices indistinct
Why did I come here
This hill carpeted in asphalt
This hell of straight lines
As sterile as a surgical tool
And as cold

Deep calls to deep

deep calls to deep
and I know this is true
because the abyss gazes into you
with eyes darker than a mourner’s face
and sometimes I see you
shining like a firefly
beyond the precipice of the night
and deep calls to deep
with the voice of a dream
or rushing waters
and I choose to listen
rather than make myself weary
from calling your name

In her eye was wonder

In her eye was wonder
even from the first moment I knew her
she saw perpendicularly
and I loved her at right angles
on lawn swings and elm trees
bucket seats and jigsaw escarpments
and I daresay she left me at a right angle
and our trajectories bear the trace
of our origin
but I dare not speak of destiny or fate
for fear of leaving something left unsaid
or not leaving room for the inexplicable
because I still see the wonder in her eye
and she knows I see it
but she says nothing of it
perhaps to forget or pretend
or because she’s seen the wonder in my eye
and knows there will be a reckoning
like all elementary forces
its irresistibility left unremarked
but felt like gravity on awakening
or falling bodies to the earth
or meeting again in quiet memories


How thin the veil of our memories
His parting like a reformation
A self-affirmation
How love can raise the living dead!
These ghosts that linger
Remonstrating human soul
Soul’s turn to soul
A familiar face behind the veil
Oh power of love to reclaim forgetting!